Mother’s Are On Strike!

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May 4, 2016
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maff-web-pageDue to overwhelming pressure from Mother’s Against Finger Foods, we won’t be offering burgers, sandwiches and wraps on Mothers Day for takeout or delivery. According to MAFF, Mother’s Day should be the one day a year when we honor mom by eating with forks and knives and not with our hands.

However, MAFF has capitulated and will allow appetizers and stuff. Just no burgers, sandwiches and wraps for delivery or takeout. Truth be told we’re kinda glad MAFF took this stance because on Mother’s Day we get so backed up with our Mother’s Day business that making burgers, sandwiches and wraps for delivery and takeout becomes virtually impossible. In fact we had considered removing them from our menu for Mother’s Day just so we could keep up.

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