Gift Cards

Warning: you are about to order an electronic gift card which requires a certain amount of technical savvy and attention to detail. Failure to follow instruction and provide accurate and active email addresses could mean your gift card order or gift cards end up floating in cyber space. Which is a real bummer because we can’t refund gift cards that are lost in space due to operator error.

So let’s say you’re sending a 90th birthday present to and you’re hoping she can pop that open on her flip phone and order up…let’s not go there. You may want to stop in for a good old fashioned plastic card.

Here’s the process. It’s simple for most…


Click on the gift card link. Choose the dollar amount and pay for your gift card.


You or whomever you sent the gift card to will receive an email asking to Activate The Card. You MUST do this.


You or whomever you sent the gift card to,  will receive an email with a 12 digit gift card number and a 4 digit PIN. You will need these numbers when you redeem your card.

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