We have some good news.

And some bad news.

First the bad news. We’re closing the banquet room. A moment of silence please.

Thank you.

The Banquet room has served us well and been the site of many a great party and team feed and grooms dinner and… you get the picture. But recently, after much debate and soul searching, we’ve decided the space can be used for greater things that are on the horizon for us. Plus, to be honest, the room never felt like it was really part Donatelli’s. And to us, the Donatelli’s experience is the sense of community and the orchestrated chaos that you find in the dining room.

So what’s next…

The banquet room space is going to be used to support our growing catering business as well as provide efficiency in our food prep areas. We’re also adding cooler space for more craft beer options too.

Like you, we’re sorry to see the banquet room go. But we’re also excited for the future and the ability to put our focus on what really matters… your Donatelli’s Experience.