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About Donatelli’s

It was 1976. Our country had just turned 200. We land on Mars. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest won best picture. Rocky became a legend. Apple started in a garage and Donatelli’s opened its doors in a small strip mall space smaller than a garage.

We started out as a little hole-in-the-wall pizza joint, where friends and family gathered to enjoy great pizza and conversation. Although our menu has grown faster than Apple and became more epic than the Rocky franchise, not a lot has changed. We’re just a bigger hole-in-the-wall, with a bigger menu and a lot of customers that have been coming here since they were teenagers, and now they’re sharing the experience with their grandkids.

After over 40 years, we’re still that local place where family and friends gather to share great meals, celebrate milestones and have a good time. That’s partly because we offer a mouth-watering collection of Donatelli Originals, made from scratch pastas, sauces and pizza (we don’t do heat and eat commissary like most franchise food places here)… but more importantly it’s due to our one-of-a-kind staff who have truly embraced our mission: “to make everyone’s day a little better and brighter.”

You would think that a restaurant would have a food centered “purpose,” but after 42 years we’ve come to the conclusion that though the food is very important, it’s always the people that matter most. So our purpose or mission statement is born out of the simple understanding that when people choose to risk their dinner plans and dollars with us, we better make damn certain we give them a little more than a great meal for their effort. That’s why our mission/purpose statement is simply:

To make everyone’s day a little better and brighter.

We hope you’ll join us soon. People far and wide rave about our food… but that’s just someone else’s opinion until you experience us yourself.

Our clients are always surprised when they receive their catering bill and there are no hidden charges. Seems only right to us. Our one low price has always included everything you need for the perfect event: dishes, linens, silverware and more. It’s all included and we’re happy to do it.
The last thing you need at the end of the night is the aggravation of disputing a bill. That’s why we always quote you fairly and up front, so the only surprise you’re hit with is the amount of compliments you receive from your guests. Learn More


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